“Strategic Trends 2014”

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The chapters of “Strategic Trends 2014” all describe aspects of the long expected shift in the geopolitical balance.

This shift is different and far more evolved and complex than the well-established narrative of surging emerging nations, especially in Asia, gradually replacing Western influence in regions, markets, and policy issues.

Beyond a mere decline of Western influence, the chapters of this volume reflect a basic insecurity over the future direction of these geopolitical shifts.

Long expected developments –

the US increasingly disengaging at least from Europe, Europe itself struggling to live up to its geostrategic aspirations –

that could provide a secure framework to interpret global events, face new developments.

Taken together, the five chapters in this volume of CSS Strategic Trends highlight elements of a world in which the West is losing ground.

As a result, the global order faces not necessarily decreasing stability, but increasing strategic insecurity.

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